Who wants? Romain Gutsy’s homemade last folly

Bored at home? Do like Romain Gutsy: write a song, clone yourself, make a band… and record!

That is how the new homemade video by Romain Gutsy starts. The recorded song only exists here as a video, you won’t find it on music platforms, it’s a homemade funny folly with nevertheless a great message.

The filming is definitely to video what “lofi” is to music, made with the means at hand, a laptop and a good mic, and of course, great instruments and someone to play them. Note that the drums are made of a pouffe and a drill box. We guess that it will become the new standard in the future for many drummers in the world.

Some said that this video was only a way for Romain to show off with his eclectic wardrobe, but honestly they are malicious gossip… Or maybe just for the hats? Here it is, enjoy:

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