Single The Girl From Kerry is out

The song has been produced by Romain and Marc Bentel, after being written by Romain in Dublin in May 2022. It’s an incredible folk-blues release with a very organic sounding, a narrative based song which tells a very sad story without any sadness, with a kind of second degree that will help you dealing with the harsh part of life. That’s a song which will lead you dancing with a beloved ghost in Ireland, and that’s fun! 

The girl from Kerry cover - by Romain Gutsy

But above all that, this song is a must, and features of course Romain’s warm and distinctive and authentic voice, some nice banjo and a folksy production that wraps it all up.

The Girl From Kerry

Music: Romain GutsyMusic: Gutsy

Lyrics: Romain GutsyLyrics: Gutsy

Production: Marc Bentel – Romain GutsyProduction: Gutsy

Arrangement: Marc Bentel – Romain GutsyArrangement: Gutsy

Mixing: Marc BentelMixing: Bentel

Mastering: Marc BentelMastering: Bentel

Art cover: @caro.draw – Carolann RouxArt Roux

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