New Single “Trouble And Delicious” Is Out

Romain Gutsy - Trouble and Delicious illustration
Illustration: @caroux.draw

New Romain Gutsy’s single “Trouble and Delicious” was released on February 9.

The song has been written and composed by Marc Bentel. It’s an folk-pop release with a blend of organic sounding and synth. 

The narrative is about love stories that end badly, and mixed feelings when the delicious blends with troubles.

This song features of course Romain’s warm, raspy, distinctive and authentic voice, some nice accordion and a folksy production that wraps it all up. 

Trouble and Delicious

Music: Marc Bentel

Lyrics: Marc Bentel

Vocals: Romain Gutsy

Backing vocals: Chandra Bentel

Production: Marc Bentel – Romain Gutsy

Arrangement: Marc Bentel – Romain Gutsy

Mixing: Marc Bentel

Mastering: Marc Bentel

Illustration: @caroux.draw

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