Single Lany is out!

Romain Gutsy - Cover of the single Lany

New Romain Gutsy’s single “Lany” was released on March 13, 2023.

The song has been written and composed by Romain. It’s an folk-jazz track sounding quite organic with a touch of 70’s. 

It’s a love song, quite a normal one this time, but still with some element of humor, like a statement of the one who sees he is under a love spell and can’t do anything else than surrender and sees himself giving in: “I know I’m done”. This song features of course Romain’s warm, raspy, growly, distinctive and authentic voice, and a jazzy folk production by Marc Bentel that wraps it all up. 


Music and lyrics: Romain Gutsy

Vocals: Romain Gutsy

Backing vocals: Chandra Bentel

Production and arrangement: Marc Bentel – Romain Gutsy

Mixing and mastering: Marc Bentel

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