A stream of positive reviews for If You See Her

A stream of positive reviews for If You See Her

The single If You See Her was released on 28 February 2022. Since that date, we received a lot of positive feedback as well as a steady stream of nice reviews. We are glad the tittle touched those who listened to it.

Here are some excerpts you may appreciate:

Emily Cushing from The Rising Artists wrote: “A heartbreaking example of the sacrifices we will make for love, “If You See Her” is desperate and vulnerable. Gutsy offers grace, forgiveness, and apologies on the slight chance that his love will hear him. A true testament to the consuming effects of lost love, “If You See Her” by Romain Gutsy is a must listen.”

The blog made by industry veterans Send Me Your Ears tell another story: “If You See Her is a peaceful and lilting folk song that conjures up an afternoon spent wasting away the hours in a little European Coffee House. It reminds us very much of times spent in France or Belgium and listening to the lilting Chanson style music played by a local entertainer. The voice itself has touches of Leonard Cohen or Nick Cave because of its deep warmth, but it also has a uniqueness all of its own because of Gutsy’s accent.”

On the US (Philadelphia) blog The Wild is Calling, they also got charmened by the French touch: “After stints touring with the likes of Soul Asylum and Calvin Russel, he’s taking his shot at solo stardom, and If You See Her is his first official release.  A scratchy horn and fiddling banjo are the perfect companion for his road ragged vocal.  The smoky performance reeks with authenticity and truth.  It’s the same aura that immortalized masters like Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits.  Gutsy is able to take a simple, common sentiment and dress it in song.  The result is both clever and charming.  It’s undeniably French, as the band waltzes with jazz pop execution.  The charm is in the arrangement, but the beauty is in the vocals.”

Then, let’s travel to Brazil, on Os Garotos De Liverpool: (translated from Portuguese) “Alternative country, acoustic and even jazz elements that merge with a dark vocal line on the part of the artist, this vocal line penetrates our mind and connects perfectly to both the instrumental and the lyricism that talks about things we would like to tell an old love we hadn’t seen in a long time.”

On the UK based Indie Dock Music Blog: “The original rhythm and keyboard accompaniment gives warmth and comfort to the composition. The good arrangement and sensuality of the artist makes this song easily recognizable and memorable.”

In Sinusoidal Music, there is a short review followed by an interview of Romain: “The narrative approach of the writing has a whimsical quality to it, which makes it very intriguing. The writing sets the tone for the song. Romain takes his time with his words to reveal his feelings. There are pauses in between, which help to establish the mood of the song. Furthermore, the vocal delivery contributes to the overall ambiance, which is already pretty effectively achieved in the lyrics. The arrangement is maintained to a minimal. The plucking and strumming pattern on the guitar truly emphasises the song’s progression. The setting is kept extremely authentic, and listeners are very comfortable, allowing them to become involved and participate with the piece pleasantly.”

On The Other Side Review, here is what they say: “The melody moves from folk tones to a jazzy sway that is rich yet stripped-back to allow the vocals to shine. The depth and richness of Gutsy’s vocals gently play with your emotions while drawing you into the confession of the lyrics.”

Well, these are some of the reviews you may encounter on the Internet these days, and we hope it will inspire you to listen to the song again.

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