New Single “Like an Uyghur in China” is out

It’s winter. “It’s a cold rain in my heart”, says the song.

All around the world, people are suffering because of their faith or their ethnicity, under the yoke of oppressive leaders and their pack.

This song is dedicated to all individuals who have to endure oppression, whether they are Uyghurs, Rohingyas Crimean Tatars or whatever else. No discrimination, “I tell the oppressor: the Hell is full of you”.

This new single by Romain Gutsy is now released and you can listen to it on your favorite platform. Go!

It’s been written by Romain Gutsy and co-produced by Marc Bentel in its Floridian studio.

It’s not completely Rock but there is Rock in it, it’s not completely Folk but there is Folk in it, it’s definitely Indie, definitely catchy, definitely Gutsy.

Like an Uyghur in China - Romain Gutsy - cover

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