New Romain Gutsy’s single “Frenchy Boy” is out! 

The song has been written and produced by Romain and Marc Bentel. It’s an folk release with a very organic sounding, a narrative based song which tells a story like: What if you were a Frenchy Boy and the expectations of you American girlfriend were way above reason, and full of clichés… And what if yourself, you’d have interiorized all these clichés about Americans expectations and wrote a song about it? That’s what Frenchy Boy is, an anthem for all cliches and for all Frenchy boys of the world! 

Frenchy Boy cover - By Romain Gutsy, Feat Marc Bentel

But above all that, this song is a must, and features of course Romain’s warm, raspy, distinctive and authentic voice, some nice accordion and a folksy production that wraps it all up. 

Frenchy Boy 

Music: Romain Gutsy / Marc Bentel 

Lyrics: Romain Gutsy 

Vocals: Romain Gutsy 

Production: Marc Bentel – Romain Gutsy 

Arrangement: Marc Bentel – Romain Gutsy 

Mixing: Marc Bentel 

Mastering: Marc Bentel

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